Vicini is a grower in the heart of greenport Holland! Our core-business contains the production of cut hydrangea of all sorts! We grow several variaties on 20.000 mtr² in a greenhouse that is suited with all the needs to grow the best cut hydrangea possible! 

We grow cut hydrangea for over 10 years and the knowledge we've gathered troughout those years helps us to improve on every level. Next to that we have close contact with the competitors to keep us and our colleges sharp! 


The hydrangea is a very strong flower but needs, like every other flower, to be handled with care to reach maximum potential! Below you can see four tips to get the most out of your purchase. 

1. Allways use a clean vase with cut flower food.

2. Remove any excess foliage from the stem. 

3. Cut 1 cm off the stem and repeat this every two or three days. 

4. Do not place in direct sunlight, near a heater or in a drafty corner of your house.